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About Allergy Cure Path Lab (ACPL)

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Allergy Cure Path Lab PVT. LTD. is the largest chain of Allergy Testing in India. We have set up three computerized and automated pathology labs throughout India with up-to-date testing equipments. Our services include diagnosis; screening and prognosis testing that are offered to nursing homes, companies, hospitals, physicians and other medical institutions. We ensure to offer high-quality, extensive allergy test facilities by using modern technologies that further provides information necessary for the diagnosis of diseases.

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Details of Allergy Tests

An Allergy is considered as a hypersensitive order that occurs in the immune system and the substance that is responsible for causing such reaction is called an allergen. Allergic reactions can be experienced by a person when immune system of a person reacts to harmless substance in the environment and such reactions are rapid and predictable. Allergy is also called Immediate (Type I) or hypersensitive as it is one of the four types of the hypersensitivity.


Dr. Manu Kukreja

As per the health experts in the field of allergy testing, allergic reactions occurs in the immune system, where the immune system itself helps in protecting us from outer organisms that are responsible for causing illness. At Allergy Cure Path Lab, we promote, practice and foster diagnosis of allergic reactions experienced by individuals due to food products, environmental allergens of other reasons. We will continue to strive for excellence in enabling our patients to book tests online and allow franchise partners to provide the service of sample collection and perform allergic tests of patients.