Welcome to Allergy Cure Path Lab Website, we appreciate your interest in us! We will not collect the personal information of the users whenever they navigate through our website or communicate with us through the website unless you provide your personal information with your consent.  We ensure you that we will not transmit, or sell the information provided by users to any other person outside the Allergy Cure Path Lab. However, we reserve the right to disclose the information of users in compliance with applicable rules, regulations or laws.

"Personal information" refers to the data that is unique and collected from users such as an address, name, phone number, and email for delivering you the requested material, we shall collect and request you to provide your personal information.

  •     Data/Information Collected from Users
  •     Revelation and Usage of Patient Test Reports/Data

We collect the following information from our patients:

    1. Name

    2. Phone number

   3. Email

   4.  Address

   5.  Age

   6. Marital Status

   7. Address

   8. Postcode

We use personal information collected from patients in order to generate test reports.

Apart from this, we shall also use patient information for placing orders. Since franchise places orders for medikits hence in such cases patient details can be used because medikit will be ordered according to the test to be performed as suggested by the healthcare professionals.

We also collect information about doctors such as their name, email, address, contact number, and clinic/Hospital/Pathology lab name.

1.  Through this privacy policy, you hereby provide your consent to allow users to your personal information for promotional and marketing purposes, for analyzing site usage, and service offerings and to enhance website content.

2.  We reveal the patient details to the admin and doctor associated with the lab tests only. Healthcare professionals registered on this platform who need to see the lab tests of patients are allowed to view patient details only. Apart from that the franchise that collects the patient samples can have access to the patient data.

3.   In addition, we can use your (Patients') data mentioned in the reports for internal billing or payment purposes. However, we do not share these details with any third party for payment purposes or other reasons such as advertisements

4.  We can also reveal your test reports/results for conducting healthcare operations such as performing quality checks on testing and developing normal test ranges performed in the labs.

5.  We shall reveal your information to our associates who comply with our terms and conditions and ensure that they will keep the privacy and security of the data we provide to them.

6.  We reserve the right to reveal your test reports/test results whenever we ought to imply with the court orders or for administrative proceedings.

7.  We reserve the right to assign the responsibilities or obligations of one person to any other person. However, you shall not assign or transfer any of your obligations under this Privacy Policy to any other party unless any written consent is taken from us.


Email and FAQs

We welcome health-related or sample collection-related queries and hence provided our email address below. We advise our patients to consult with doctors or medical professionals first for getting test reports generated for specific health problems from ACPL. 

Note: Users of the ACPL website are advised to note that non-encrypted email communications might be viewed and accessed by other internet users without your permission and knowledge. For this reason, users are requested to communicate via encrypted email and internet communication in order to protect their privacy.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

The terms of use and privacy policy shall be constructed and governed in accordance with the Indian Laws. Any illegal activities conducted by the users have to face the consequences that fall under the laws of India.

Privacy Update

Allergy Cure Path Lab has all the rights to renew or change the privacy policy at any time without prior notice to website users. Therefore, all the users are advised to go through the privacy policies of our website timely and read them carefully before using our services. 

Have any queries? Contact Us

If you have any doubt regarding our privacy policy or want your data to be removed from our website, please feel free to contact us at or call us at +91 98735-07650.